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We deliver proactive IT services to always keep your business running smoothly.

Through our unique RWX process, Toscas Group works with your business from the top down to tie together your goals with solid IT strategy. With Toscas Group, business comes first.

Buying What’s Free

Buying what’s free. Pericles Toscas, President Toscas Group While all revelations and revolutions seem to be explosive, I believe they build slowly and ignite with one spark. My spark? John Kass. My frustration? The Chicago Tribune limiting my ability to view his articles without a paid subscription. How dare they?, I thought. This is the Internet, Jack: No-holds-barred, free information for the masses. Then something I had been feeling for a long time crept up into the back of my head—it was my long-building revelation. I pulled out my credit card and paid for the Chicago Tribune. But I didn’t…

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